“I would like to describe my work as volitional. By that I mean starting out with a commitment to an idea rather than with the play of forms or abstract elements. The play of forms and technical means are fascinating but divorced from some kind of theme or conception, they become impersonal and meaningless.

Drawing is central to everything I do and the search for moving, expressive line and its control has been my first and consuming consideration. I think the artist should be ready to expose his deeper and most personal ideas, no matter how fragile and indefensible, if his work is to have meaning for others.

Instead of committing himself to “being with” his times – (especially times of eroding values) – he should take more difficult path towards the expression of more human, more tangible ideas and concepts. In doing this he must take a stand against the poverty of our mechanized and ordinate age and even have the courage to take a giant step into the rich historic past to renew his inspiration.”

Harold Ambellan